Poker Training Network gives anybody an chance to savor victory like Jamie Gold enjoyed in the year 2006. As generally people know, Jamie Gold had world champion, Johnny Chen, mentoring him to his $12,000,000.00, WSOP Primary Event victory.

What will you be able to perform should you have had that kind of expertise coaching you? What about a lot of poker experts evaluating each hands you that you choose to play or decide to not play? As well as in each seat round the poker table?

Poker Training Network (PTN) provides you with your personal special mentor that does exactly that! And far, a lot more…

This review is supposed to provide you with an insider’s undertake Poker Training Network as well as their unique poker educational system.

Poker Training Network – PTN Poker-TEL

PTN Poker-TEL is a number of training produced for everybody from never performed poker to expert level. It starts with a texas holdem IQ Test that takes you towards the best training to begin with.

It is only the factor for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players. Expert player video training really are a bit limited at this time, but additional training are now being added each week.

Training can be found in video form, downloadable documents, and downloadable podcasts. Lesson content includes quizzes to actually have mastered each lesson before you decide to move ahead.

Furthermore, you’re given accessibility Poker Training Network All-in Gameroom where one can apply that which you lately learned. This really is very significant. Why? Because perfect practice produces consistent winning results.

Are you able to visualize somebody that likes golf practicing by knocking around 5 1000 baseballs every single day without some training? Let’s say that golfer includes a hook or slice that puts them from bounce regularly, on several fairways? With no lesson, that rehearsal just enables them to play there slice or hook more frequently.

With instruction that they’ll immediately apply… their perfect rehearsal enables them to tweak a swing action that keeps them within the fairway. This is especially true when learning how to play winning poker.