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load wallet gcash

How to open GCash?

Passport (in case of foreign passport, must have English characters/translations and the holder must have a residence address in the Philippines)Philippine Postal IDTax Identification Number IDNew Social Security System (SSS) IDGovernment Service and Insurance System (GSIS) e-CardPhilHealth Card More items...

How to contact GCash hotline and customer service?

There are currently four ways to contact GCash support:Initiating a live chat in help.gcash.com or via the Help Center in the app (during business hours)Submitting a ticket in help.gcash.com or via the Help Center in the appCalling the 2882 hotline (during business hours)Emailing support@gcash.com

How do I receive remittance through GCash?

Log in to the AlipayHK App.Tap on “More”, then “Remittance”.On the Remittance page, tap “New Remittance” then under remittance destination, choose GCash.Enter the amount and the beneficiary’s information. The beneficiary name must match their GCash-registered name. The account number is the GCash-registered mobile number. ...Complete the transaction.

How to pay Bir form 0605 using GCash?

To pay for your taxes through GCash, just follow these easy steps:On the GCash App, select Pay Bills.Select the category of ‘Government’.Select ‘BIR’ to pay.Input all relevant biller details: Form Series ( 0600, 1600, 1700, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2500) Return Period TIN Branch Code (add 00 first if you only have 3 ...Confirm payment details to proceed payment.Payment successful!

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