Online betting sites like fun88 offer many features to bettors that can make their betting sessions engaging and profitable. With Bayern being big favorites but drawing to the underdogs Salzburg, PSG outplaying Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and Manchester United drawing the match, there were many moments for bettors to look forward to in the recent UCL matches. However, the main matches will take place in the second leg as this is the match that will decide which clubs will move forward and which clubs will be eliminated.

It will be interesting to see which eight clubs will have the last laugh in the second leg of the round of 16. The fixtures are interesting with some clubs clashing against clubs of the same level while some like Sporting CP and Lille clashing against the big guns and favorites Manchester City and Chelsea respectively. It will indeed be a curiosity imbibing the second leg and all the more difficult for bettors to decide who they should put their money on.

Helpful fun88 betting tips

When it comes to this season’s UCL, Bayern, Manchester City, Liverpool, and PSG have been regarded as the favorites to win so far. Hence, here is a brief analysis of their performance so far so that you can decide which team in fun88 should have your money.

  • Speaking of Bayern, they were the leaders of their group stage draw and showed quite a competitive edge by kicking out Barcelona from the round of 16 for the first time in many years. However, as opposed to expectations, they did not perform quite satisfactorily against Salzburg in their recent match.
  • Manchester City is another team that topped their group stage draw. At present, they have one of the best squad depths and despite lacking a center forward, the sky blues have triumphed against all odds. However, they have a history of always getting close to winning UCL but bottling it at the end so one cannot be sure this time too.
  • Liverpool is enjoying their best form right now with no key players being injured and the club recently winning the EFL Cup against last season’s European champions, Chelsea. This is also the club that perhaps had the hardest opponents in the group stage facing the likes of Spanish champions Atletico Madrid, Porto, and AC Milan. Despite this, they still topped their group stage so they certainly have high chances of winning.
  • PSG is the club that has some of the biggest names like Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, and more. While unlike the other three clubs mentioned in this list, they did not top their group stage draw, they are still a competitive side to play against which has been proven to be more true since their recent match against Real Madrid who failed to dominate the game against the French giants.

When it comes to betting in fun88 on the UCL winner of this season, considering one of these clubs is recommended.