You may have heard of Eric Brahms, the President of Mae Capital LLC, the expert in vintage Rolex watches, or you may have met him at a networking event. Whatever the case, he is an American entrepreneur whose business skills and background make him a unique asset to any business. Perhaps you were even a fan of his vintage Rolex watches before you knew him. Regardless, his sense of humor has stayed with him even into the end. He will be missed.

Mae Capital, LLC, is a hedge fund and asset management firm headed by Eric Brahms. Based in Greenwich, CT, Mae Capital provides financing to investors for commodities and equity trading, as well as real estate development. It also helps customers purchase precious metals and vintage watches. Brahms began his career in the NASDAQ market maker niche, and soon made the transition to day trading.

Before starting his own hedge fund, Brahms worked in the field of vintage watches. For almost three years, he studied dial variations and acquired an extensive collection of rare timepieces. He then sold some of his collections at record prices, some of them to the world’s most prominent collectors. Now, Brahms is one of the most trusted names in the business. This experience has given him the ability to provide valuable insight to clients about the value of rare watches.

Many people don’t know that Eric Brahms is a renowned authority on vintage Rolex watches. His expertise is due in large part to his years of experience. During his studies, he spent nearly three years researching the various dial variations. He has even gone through the trials and tribulations of buying and selling antique watches. Today, Brahms sells vintage and antique timepieces.

American entrepreneur, Eric and Emily Brahms are married. They were married in NYC in an intimate wedding. Harry Cipriani catered the event. The couple has two children together and resides in Greenwich, CT. Both have been involved in local charities and enjoy multiple philanthropic events. Eric Brahms and Emily Brumfield have been together since 2012.

He began his business with vintage pieces, and sold them for record prices. Today, he has an extensive collection of watches and is often contacted by private collectors and auction houses. Eric Brahms’ expertise has allowed him to bring many vintage timepieces back to life. His reputation for authenticity has earned him the trust of some of the world’s largest collectors.

As you can see, there is a lot more to Eric Brahms than just being a blogger and an expert on vintage Rolex watches. The man is a multi-faceted American businessman and an entrepreneur. From his expertise on vintage Rolex watches to his involvement in sustainable living and charity events, there is so much more to this guy. Now you know who Eric Brahms is and what he does. If you are interested in learning more about the unique business ideas and strategies of this American businessman, then take a look at his articles and blog posts. You will be fascinated by how much knowledge and experience this man has.

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